Remote Data Backup - Users Guide

Transferring Files

You can upload files with the following protocols:
  1. FTP
  2. SFTP
  3. SCP
  4. rsync over SSH.
Backup Software
We encourage our users to use whatever programs that take advantage of the open transfer standards we employ. However, we do recommend the following:


  • WinSCP
    WinSCP is a simple, free file manager (FTP, SCP, SFTP) for Windows


  • Rsync over SSH
    Rsync is an open source program that synchronizes your local and offsite filesystems by transferring only the changed portions of files. After your initial upload, each subsequent upload will be very fast, as only the differences in the files are sent.


    Rsync is available for Windows and Linux. Each method is described below.


File & Directory Structure
All files and directories on the backup server are CASE sensitive. We highly recommend that any file or directory NOT have spaces or special characters. Instead of spaces we recommend you replace them with underscores (_).


Backup Directory
When you access your account you will be rooted into your home directory. In is recommended that you NOT upload files directly into this directory. We have created a directory named "backups". Please use that directory or create a new directory (or as many as you need) and upload your files into that/those directories.


Scheduling The Backup
The best time to run the backup is typically when the system will see the least usage, and the backup process will have the least amount of interference with normal operations. Businesses unually run backups after normal operating hours, and indivudals run them when it's most convenience.
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