Remote Data Backup - Users Guide

WinSCP for Windows

WinSCP is a simple, free file manager that allows easy real-time access to your filesystem. You may use it for simple drag and drop backups or for browsing and verifying your files that have already been backed up using another method.


Downloading and Installing
First, visit the website and download the latest version of WinSCP (click on the "Installation Package" link).


Now run the installation program that is downloaded. It will install winscp for you. When the installer asks you which view to use, choose "norton commander" view.


Configuring and Running WinSCP
Once the application is installed, run it (double-click the winSCP3 icon on your desktop). A small window will appear that is named "WinSCP login".


Under "host name", enter the hostname from your welcome email. For example:


Under port number, change it to the SSH_PORT# number or "21" for FTP.


Under Username, enter the username from your welcome email.


Under password, enter your password.


Protocol should be set to "SFTP".


Then hit "connect".


You will now be connected - you will see the files from your own computer on the left hand side, and the files on the server on the right hand side. You can drag and drop files between the two at your leisure.


If you like, you can fill in all of these fields and then choose to "save" the session so you can quickly connect in the future. Further, you can save the session even if you leave the password blank, which will allow you to save it without saving the password locally.
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