E-Commerce / Custom Programming

Triad Hosting has been providing custom programming / software solutions since 1999.  From simple programs to complex database integrated e-commerce solutions, we can provide the right solution to fit your needs and budget. Below are some examples of programs we have custom written.

E-commerce/Shopping Carts
We can install or customize / write programs that handle a few products or  thousands of products.  Data can be passed to payment gateways for real-time card authorizations  We understand that each e-commerce project is different and has it's own set of priorities. Therefore, we will program a custom application to meet your project's unique goals. 

Membership Accounts
Visitors can signup online to have access to a "members only" area.  Administration includes member listings, bulk-email features, notification of expiring accounts and payment management.

Form Handling
We have written programs for one page to multiple page forms.  Visitor data can be written to flat files or to SQL databases with administration interfaces.  Confirmation emails can be sent to both visitor and/or administrators.

Content Management System (CMS)
Clients enjoy custom solutions for custom websites.  We provide insight and support for future add-ons. Our CMS solutions are multi-user, with low overhead.

Mailing Lists
The Mailing List Manager allows an administrator to manage their Opt In mailing lists. A user can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe from any of your Lists.

Credit Card Processing
Online forms that pass credit card information to payment gateways for  real-time card authorizations. We also help with setting up a Merchant Account and/or Payment Gateway.

Why Choose Triad Hosting?

You can purchase literally hundreds of off-the-shelf scripts, but very few companies write, host and support their own scripts like Triad Hosting.  Contact us today for more information!

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