Domain Name Registrations

Domain names are the names one ordinarily thinks of as the website name, such as Each one has to be purchased by the website owner in order to have a presence on the web. While there are some websites you can obtain for free, such as or a blog such as, you do not actually own the website.

For a low annual fee, you can purchase a domain name through Triad Hosting and start on the path to truly owning your own website! Start here today!

Triad Hosting will register any of the following top-level domain names for you for $25 a year:




Purchase includes administration and renewal of domain name each year (365 days from the day you purchased it). When you purchase a domain name through Triad Hosting, we can "park" the domain at no charge. This allows you to reserve that domain name, but not have to pay us to "host" it (a monthly fee) until you need it.

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