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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protect and accelerate all of your websites and/or network by allowing Triad Hosting to set up a web application firewall best suited for you and your website.

Did you know?

  • Cyber attacks target small businesses 43% of the time?

  • Bot traffic made up 42.3% of all internet activity in 2021. "Bad bot" traffic is nearly double that of the so-called “good bots” that perform legitimate functions such as indexing and automated responses.

What is a web application firewall?

A WAF is a third party product that protects your website/network by filtering, monitoring, and blocking any malicious traffic. It accomplishes this by adhering to a set of rules that help determine what traffic is safe and what is malicious.

How is this accomplished?

All traffic you want protected is routed through a global network of servers. These servers monitor the traffic and allow and block traffic as indicated by the rules you have setup.

What are the advantages of using a WAF?

  1. Blocking of malicious traffic to your website/network
  2. Securing network data with end-to-end encryption
  3. Speeding up traffic by cacheing website assets
  4. Reduced load on servers caused by malicious traffic

What is the cost?

If you are a hosting customer of Triad Hosting there is no charge for us to set up the WAF. Most of the time a "free" plan will surfice. If you need a more advanced plan there may be a cost involved.

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