Virtual Private Servers

Our managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the best price/performance ratio – with pay-as-you-go, monthly based usage pricing, no up-front payments, and no hidden charges. All your resources (CPU Cores, RAM, Storage) are assigned to you. You DO NOT share these with other VPS on the same machine.

Our clear, simple pricing model eliminates surprises and is based on 4 known values: CPU Cores + RAM + Storage + Bandwidth. Setup and management fees are quoted as needed. Pricing is per month.

CPU Cores ($35/each)

Choose from AMD or Intel cores. Up to 64 cores are available. Note: each Intel core is considered as two cores.

RAM ($10/GB)

Choose up to 248 GB of RAM for your server.

Storage ($0.10/GB)

Choose from standard Hard Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD). Note: SSD are nonvolatile storage device that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory. There are no moving parts involved with Solid-state drives. These are faster but there is an additional cost. Storage costs apply to off-site backups as well.

Note: Storage can be increased on the fly, with no system reboot.

Bandwidth ($0.20/GB)

We only charge for outbound traffic, not inbound. This cost applies to off-site data backup transfers as well.

Public IPs ($10/each)

One dedicated public IP address is required for the server but more can added, as many as are needed.

Setup/Management Services (To Be Quoted)

We take the headaches out of having a VPS by providing the following services:

  • Operating System installation and updates
  • Transferring Data / Installing software
  • Purchase/Install/Update SSL Certificates
  • Proactive Monitoring - We monitor the server response time and respond to any alerts.
  • Backups - We can setup rolling backups to a off-site server and monitor their execution.
  • Disaster Recovery - Snapshots taken for for fast recovery in case of a system crash.


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